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3 Ideas To Brighten Up A Condo Kitchen

3 ideas to brightn up a condo kitchenCondos are the perfect solution when you’re on a budget and don’t need a lot of space. You can still have all the amenities needed for a loving home, without the hassle of yard work and maintenance. The tricky part of a condo is ensuring that there is enough light and space to make it both functional and lively. The kitchen can be an especially hard place to make bright enough that you want to spend a lot of time in it. Here, then, are three ideas to brighten up a condo kitchen.

Lights, camera, action

Need to brighten up a condo kitchen? The easiest way is to invest in proper lighting. Be sure to vary your types of lighting. Track lighting is great for the overall space of the kitchen. Also look for area-specific lighting. Equally as important as the lighting itself are lightbulbs. Purchase lightbulbs that are at least 60 Watts in strength. Try to avoid blue light or stark white colors as this can make the room look to clinical. Warm white lights are nice but can make the area too cozy. Instead, opt for a bright white light. You may have to try a few lightbulbs to find the ones that work best for your condo kitchen.

Go tropical

Sometimes you need proof that your condo kitchen is bright enough. And what better proof than plants? Plants need light to survive. So, if your plants are thriving, then you must have enough light in your kitchen. You can try your hand at a herb garden, but many herbs are actually quite fickle. If you don’t have a naturally green thumb, or don’t think you’ll have the time to invest in them, there are other plants that are perfect for a kitchen.

Common plants include aloe vera and English ivy. They are hearty and can withstand a lot. You can also try fragrant white jasmine or the good looking spider plant. Place the plants in small containers in the brightest spots of your kitchen. Check the watering instructions as they vary by plant.

The only thing you want to consider if you’re getting plants for your condo kitchen is that they could start to clutter an already small space. Avoid just placing them on the counter as chances are you don’t have much counter space to begin with. Instead, look to your walls. Can you place a shelf, or better yet, a plant-specific holder? When you go vertical you can leave a lot more room on your counter for other important gadgets.


The most obvious color to use to brighten up a condo kitchen is white. However, this can become a bit boring. You can definitely use color paint in a condo kitchen, but stick to light colors as dark colors can overwhelm the space. There are many shades of yellow, blue, and green that you can use that will make your condo kitchen shine.

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