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What Are Transitional Kitchen Cabinets?

what are transitional kitchen cabinetsWhen looking to remodel a kitchen, it’s important to start with the theme or design trend that will tie everything together. Examples of design themes are rustic, modern, and traditional. But what if you want a mix of styles? Then a transitional kitchen is probably the style for you.

Transitional kitchens blend elements from modern and traditional spaces. An important aspect of any kitchen are the cabinets, and transitional kitchen cabinets are made to stand out. Read on to discover elements of transitional kitchen cabinets and why they are a great option for your new space.

Neutral Colors

When in doubt, go with white. Transitional kitchen cabinets should be a neutral color. The doors and the cabinet boxes themselves should all match. The insides of the cabinets should also be the same color so that everything is a streamline style. You can go with grey or cream if you really want to, and a light, tan wood is ok. But remember that if the statement you are wanting to create is a crisp, clean room, then white is definitely the preferred color.

Streamlined doors

A basic Shaker-style door is one of the most popular choices with transitional kitchen cabinets. You can maybe veer off into a deeper-set panel, but really, you want to keep the design as minimal as possible. Also, look for door panels that offer a bit of depth but adhere to a fluid design.

Transitional kitchen cabinets are usually made out of natural wood materials. The grain is slight and usually painted over. Lacquer and anything shiny are not often used. Glass doors can be used as an accent, but the purer at heart won’t include this detail.


Keep the hardware on transitional kitchen cabinets simple. Nickel rectangular pulls work in this design, as do circular pulls. Nothing fancy or overwhelming should be in use. Remember that the goal is to keep the kitchen as a unified space. If you have hardware accents that overpower the room, then that will become the focus instead.

Simple Accents

Leave plenty of space under transitional kitchen cabinets. This style focuses on simple, unfussy spaces. Give an airy look to your kitchen by keeping the bottom of cabinets off of countertops. And be sure to put away small appliances that can quickly clutter the space.

Top molding

The tops of transitional kitchen cabinets should have crown molding that fills the gap to the ceiling. This is for two reasons. One is aesthetic. Cabinets look finished and the small, geometric design adds to the simplicity of the style. Another is that it removes the temptation for clutter. Transitional kitchens lack clutter and messes, and if there is open space on top of cupboards, there is a far too great a likelihood that something extra will be stored up there.


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