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How To Keep Bathrooms Organized

how to keep bathrooms organized

A bathroom can be an overlooked room in the house. After all, we don’t really spend a lot of time in them. But it should still be a place worth investing some time in to make it an extension of your home. Bathrooms don’t have to be cluttered places where products are just deposited. Rather, they can be organized, calming rooms. Here are some simple ways to keep bathrooms organized so that you can feel good when you enter them.

Be Selective

Before you start any organization process, be sure to first go through all your items. If you can, remove everything from the space itself so that you’re not merely moving things around. Take all your bathroom items from the vanity, shower, and closet, and move them to a different room. Then, make three piles: keep, garbage, store in a different area.

You may find that extra, unopened bottles of shampoo are best placed in a linen closet. If you have a little bit of shampoo left in a bottle, be sure to use it before moving on to the next bottle. Go through your makeup. Makeup actually does expire, so ask yourself if you’re really going to wear that blue eyeshadow ever again.

Keep Things Hidden

It really is amazing how much space a medicine cabinet can have inside of it. And what’s great about them is that they’ve been updated to reflect more modern tastes. A medicine cabinet works as both a mirror and storage, so it’s a win-win for smaller bathrooms. You can use it to keep medicine in, but also anything that you don’t want to leave on the counter.

Use Shelves

If don’t have much space in bathroom, don’t be afraid to go up. Shelves are a great way to add organizational space. Don’t use too many shelves as they can overwhelm the area. Also, take into consideration the material you want to use. In small spaces, glass shelves are a good idea as they won’t add to the clutter. The area over the toilet is often unused space, and a great place for shelves. If you have a lot of people that use the same shower, there are a wide variety of shower shelves and caddies that you can purchase to keep bathrooms organized.

Keep it Clean

Bathrooms that are clean are more likely to be organized. That’s because a clean space represents pride and when you’re proud of something you’re more likely to take care of it, including keeping it organized. It’s really quite cyclical. A bathroom should be seen as an oasis, and not just a room of necessity. Think about the tone you want your bathroom to convey and work towards that. Be conscientious of this any time you leave the room. Perform a mental check list. Are the towels hung up? Has the shower door been wiped down? Is the lid on the toothpaste on? All these small actions will add up and allow you to maintain your sanctuary.

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