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The Importance of Kitchen Lighting


the importance of kitchen lighting

A kitchen is not just a giant space. Rather, it is a set of smaller areas that all connect to a larger theme. One way to help differentiate these spaces, while at the same time bring them together, is through lighting. The importance of kitchen lighting should be remembered when designing your dream kitchen. Here are three types of lighting to help understand its importance.

General Lighting

General lighting refers to a light source that can illuminate the majority of the kitchen. It is important that this light source can provide enough brightness so that anyone would be able to see their way around the kitchen. General lighting is especially important when the kitchen becomes a gathering space as it helps everyone feel welcome.

General lighting can usually be found in the form of recessed lights in the ceiling. They should be spaced out so that there are no major shadows. Another form of general lighting is a large chandelier or cluster of lights. Whatever form it takes, general lighting showcases the importance of kitchen lighting.

Task Lighting

While general lighting should illuminate the entire kitchen, task lighting is for specific areas. It is most often found under cabinets so that a certain countertop has light. In essence, whichever task you are doing, chopping, mixing, washing, should have a specific light so that you can better see the area.

If you have an existing cabinet without task lighting, there are a number of solutions. Track LED lighting is easy to install. As is puck lighting. There are even special battery-only lights that can be adhered to the surface of a cabinet.

It’s always a good idea to test out the areas you want to put task lighting in. Set up your kitchen and decide which areas of counterspace will be work areas. Then, make sure there is a light above this area. This way your task lighting will sure to be functional.

Accent Lighting

One final part of the importance of kitchen lighting is accent lighting. Due to its magnitude, not all kitchens will actually have accent lighting. But, if you have a special piece of artwork or architectural feature, then accent lighting is a must.

Strictly speaking, smaller kitchen will have most of their wall space taken up with cabinets. This means that there is little room for accent lighting. But larger kitchens should have some empty wall space, which is perfect for accent lighting.

There is a trend towards more minimalistic kitchens, with fewer cabinets and more open spaces. In these designs, accent lighting will play a prominent role.

Accent lighting is a great way to show your kitchen’s personality. It can deviate from the uniform lighting already in place. Accent lighting can also show something special and unique about your kitchen. A collection of tea cups on a shelf, or a framed picture, are highlights that show a kitchen’s individuality. As such, they should be promoted with accent lighting.

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