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What Goes Into a Traditional Kitchen?

What Goes Into a Traditional KitchenParada Kitchens is your spot for traditional kitchen renovations in the Greater Toronto Area.  But what exactly is a traditional kitchen?

Traditional kitchens cover a wide range of styles, from Old World designs to Mediterranean villas and everything in between.  The devil here is in the details – moldings, finishes and textures that invoke memories of times gone by and classic design decisions.  That makes it harder to pin down exactly what counts as “traditional” as opposed to contemporary or modern, but here are some of the most common features a traditional kitchen has to offer.

Key Architectural Details

Whereas modern kitchens often have flat or moderately detailed surfaces, you can find key architectural details in all areas of a traditional kitchen.  Arches, moldings, beam ceilings, you name it – and each piece will have its own detailed design, with shapes and patterns adding extra flair to the design.  Cabinets will have varied depths, islands will have legs and pilasters – it’s easy to over-design a traditional look!

Ornate Lighting

Traditional kitchens love their fancy lighting, which is where chandeliers or lantern-style lights come into play.  You still may see them in contemporary dining rooms today, but traditional kitchens can use these fanciful lighting fixtures to make the room feel more like a gathering place, rather than a place for work.

Furniture-Style Cabinets

A lot of traditional kitchens use cabinets which don’t really look like cabinets.  These look more like traditional pieces of furniture from elsewhere in the home, and often can be used to great effect hiding a pantry or refrigerator.

Apron-Front or Farmhouse Sinks

These sink designs have a lot of old-fashioned character, and bring to mind classic, hand-made sinks.  A more modern solid surface cutout or stainless steel piece simply feels less traditional than classic porcelain or natural materials.  By the same token, you’ll see a lot more marble and granite as opposed to solid surface or other artificial materials to really give it that traditional look.

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