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Kitchen Colour Ideas

Kitchen Colour IdeasThink about your kitchen.  In all likelihood, the predominant colour there is white.  And the same is probably true of your friends’ kitchens and your families’ kitchens.  White kitchens are omnipresent – it’s a functional, default colour that seems to end up in every new kitchen design.

There’s nothing wrong with white, mind you – it’s a classic look, giving a cheerful and clean atmosphere to the room.  But it’s far from the only option.  If you’re considering redecorating, renovating or just repainting your kitchen, here are some other options to consider.

Neutral Colours

If you’re a little hesitant about going all out into a full colour kitchen, there are other neutral colours besides white to choose from.

  • Charcoals and other grays are a common neutral background that’s rapidly gaining in popularity; it gives a bit of a cooler colour profile than white does, and help those bright accents or white appliances pop even more.
  • You could even take that a step further and go with black – while black might create a bit of a cramped sensation in a smaller kitchen, it can create a dramatic and immediately eye-catching look in a properly lit and open room.
  • Greige may sound like a madeup word, but it’s actually a pleasing combination of grey and beige; it’s one of the most versatile colours out there and can work with nearly any fixtures and materials you choose to use.

Mild Colours

If you want to take a step past neutral, but not bust out the bright primary colours just yet, there are plenty of subtle colours to choose from.  While not as universal as the neutral colours – and thus requiring a bit more thought into materials, appliances and decorations – they can cover a wide range of styles and looks.

  • Pale yellows are a step up from white; giving a cheerful and sunny touch to any space, they work well with light blues for an Easter-style look, or simply with other neutral colours.
  • A pale green works similarly; adding a touch of coziness to your space and bringing out the natural beauty in, for example, stone countertops.
  • Navy blue is a bit of a bolder colour choice, but it actually ends up working with a wide variety of colours and materials. It’s a great source for lots of contrast, drawing the eye and adding visual interest to any space.

Bright Colours

Bright colours are the most difficult colours to use, as they dominate a room and demand that accents and decorations fit with their theme.  If you’re designing a kitchen from the ground up, however, they can be a bold and daring statement.

  • Crimson and other vibrant shades of red give a feeling of energy and excitement to any room. When paired with a cool colour (think blues and greys), it can create a feeling of movement and power without overwhelming people.  It’s definitely one of the most visually striking options available.
  • Greens, especially forest or emerald greens, can be absolutely gorgeous when done properly. Emerald greens, when mixed with other jewel tones, can create a cohesive, ultra-rich look that makes your kitchen feel luxurious.
  • It is often thought that oranges stimulate the appetite, making them a logical choice for the kitchen. It pairs particularly well with wood cabinets and other natural elements, adding warmth and liveliness to any room.

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