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Adding Style to a Small Kitchen or Bath

Adding Style to a Small Kitchen or BathSure, we’d all love to live in a mansion, where every room was twice as big as we’d ever possibly need them to be.  However, we live in the real world, and in the real world, we often have to make do with smaller kitchens and baths than we’d ideally like.  The goal, then, is to get the most out of our space!

A small kitchen or bath doesn’t have to be cramped and claustrophobic.  When you renovate your room with Parada, you have the opportunity to turn a smaller room into a stylish place to be.  Here are some of our top tips on how to cope with a smaller than ideal kitchen or bath.

Light Up The Room

One way to combat the cramped feeling of a small room is with plentiful natural light.  Light, airy rooms feel more spacious, even when they have smaller dimensions.  In the kitchen, this is relatively easy to create – remove curtains, and instead use easily concealed blinds or shutters instead.  A bathroom, with its need for privacy, is a little more difficult, but glazed windows can still let in plenty of light – and strategically placed mirrors can bounce that light around the room, with the side benefit of creating the illusion of even more space.

Guide the Eye

One way to make a room feel larger is to create a sense of movement with your design choices.  This can happen in a number of ways – tall, vertical lines gives a false impression of height, while sweeping, horizontal lines make a room look wider than it actually is.  You want to pick a single style that keeps the eye moving and feeling open.  Don’t forget the floor, either – pattered laminate or parquet floors can create a more interesting visual pattern that will help guide the eye and create the illusion of space.

Less is More

If you have less space to work with, you have to be more careful in your selection of furniture and appliances.  You need a sense of proportion – you can’t just overload your countertops with twenty appliances and a massive sink and then wonder where all the space has gone.  As a rule of thumb, if you have to cram a piece of furniture or appliance right up against a wall in order to make it fit, it’s too big for the room.

The experts at Parada Kitchens can help with your exact situation, coming up with a kitchen design plan that will help get the most out of your space.  Contact us today!

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