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Picking the Perfect Sink

Picking the Perfect SinkWe’ve seen kitchens without cabinets, or without ovens, or without major appliances like refrigerators.  When was the last time you saw a kitchen without a sink?

Sinks and taps are two of the most essential parts of any kitchen – and yet, they’re two of the least-considered pieces when designing a kitchen.   With modern kitchen design, you now have a wide variety of sinks and taps to choose from, with a wide variety of materials and designs.  Not every design will match every kitchen, of course, but your selection has never been wider.

Here are a couple decisions you can make when picking your sink – areas you can customize to make sure your sink is perfect for your needs.

Number of Basins

You can stick with a large, single sink – that makes it convenient to soak or wash big pans and dishes and to prep very large quantities of food.  Of course, it means you can only really use your sink for one thing at a time; soaking a dish and rinsing vegetables at the same time is pretty much right out.  That’s where multiple basins come into play – but then you have to decide if you want the more aesthetically pleasing symmetrical design of having two basins of equal sizes, or if you want a 60/40 split, making each basin better at specific tasks.   You could also go whole-hog and get three basins, though that starts eating significantly into your counter space.

Sink Shape

Rather than just having a square sink level with your countertops, you have a wide range of options.  Farmhouse sinks, with their distinctive apron fronts, gives your home a vintage look and feel.  Rounded sides, as opposed to a pure rectangle, can be easier to clean, without those stubborn corners for dirt and grime to build up.  Drainboards can be built in to the sink, at the cost of counter space.  There’s a whole variety to choose from!


Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean, though it can also be scratched and stained by hard water.  Porcelain is traditional, adds vintage style to your design, and can come in a wide variety of colors, though it can also chip and scuff.  Granite is highly scratch and stain-resistant, though they require special maintenance.  Natural stone can blend in with your countertop materials, but can chip and requires the same care as a granite sink.

The choices are nearly endless!  An expert kitchen designer, like the ones at Parada Kitchens, can help make sure you’re making the best choices.  Call us today for a free consultation!

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