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Remodeling Tips to Increase Your Property’s Value

Remodeling Tips to Increase Your Property’s ValueRemodeling doesn’t just make your home more livable – it’s a sound investment, as well.  A well-done remodel can transform your property into a destination in the neighborhood; a valuable centerpiece that will see its value skyrocket through the roof.  At Parada Kitchens, we’re all about renovating your space to make it both more livable and more valuable.  Here are some of our tips.

Kitchen First

Obviously, we recommend the kitchen as the focus of your remodel; if you can afford to do just one room, the kitchen should be it.  The key to a successful kitchen remodel is to improve its utility and functionality first.   The kitchen is a working room; you want to ensure that it’s easy and comfortable to work in before adding bells and whistles.  Once that has been obtained, however, the sky’s the limit!

Wood Floors

Carpeting is fine for what it is, but be aware it’s going to wear out, no matter how well it’s made or how well it’s installed.  Foot traffic will help saturate it with dirt and dust, and wear and tear will eventually make it look threadbare and uninviting.  Shampooing and otherwise maintaining it can help, but carpet will eventually need to be replaced.  A wood floor, however, has a lot more versatility.  It’s a very “in” surface at the moment, too, meaning that it’s going to be very attractive to potential home buyers.  You can also go with tile or stone, but those are generally colder and less inviting.  Wood is really the way to go.

A Deck

Don’t limit your ideas to just the indoors!  A deck essentially adds an outdoor room to your home, adding to your livable space.  Decks make great family-oriented outdoor space, which is something that potential home buyers love.  It adds aesthetic appeal to your home, and is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to add extra space and value.

Whatever you decide, the experts at Parada Kitchens can help you.  We’re the GTA’s kitchen renovation experts!  Call us today.

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