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Top 3 Kitchen Design Tips to Revamp a Small Kitchen

Top 3 Kitchen Design Tips to Revamp a Small KitchenA small kitchen can sometimes be the most awkward to renovate.  Your dreams of beautiful fixtures and wide open spaces can sometimes be difficult to achieve because of the limited footprint of your kitchen.

There’s no need to worry, however!  Even a small kitchen can have great touches added to make it a more welcoming, comfortable space.  If you’re not able or willing to open your kitchen up, that doesn’t mean renovations aren’t possible!  The experts at Parada Kitchens can help you get the most out of your small space.  When renovating your kitchen, why not try these tips?

Use Light Colors

Small kitchens can often feel cramped and unwelcoming.  Your color choice, however, can add the illusion of extra space.  Whites, creams and pastels can make the room feel much less cramped than darker greens and blues – lighter colors reflect light and make everything feel more airy and spacious.  Similarly, mirrors trick the eye into thinking there’s more space than there actually is, and a well-placed mirrored or shiny surface can add the illusion of extra space, as well.

Pick the Right Appliances

Small kitchens generally have limited counter space, so the appliances you chose have to meet those requirements.  That includes smaller dishwashers and refrigerators, as well as less countertop-cluttering accessories.  Smaller toasters, coffee makers and other common household appliances will keep your kitchen feeling more open.  Also, consider adding dedicated storage for occasional-use accessories like crock pots or grills.

Use Spaces for Multiple Needs

Many spaces can serve multiple needs, if you utilize them properly.  A breakfast bar or island can also include needed storage for pots and pans.  Stove tops can be built to pull down over hobs, rather than taking up counter space all the time.  Appliances can be integrated, taking up less space than their standalone counterparts and offering convenient worksurfaces as well.  In a small kitchen, one-use objects are difficult to justify.  The more multiple uses you can get, the more your kitchen will be able to do for you.

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