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The Trick to Getting More for Your Money with a Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovation in TorontoEveryone wants to get more bang for their buck during a bathroom renovation in Toronto but that can be an elusive goal. You may find a great deal on tiles only to wind up overpaying for their installation, or you may decide to handle some of the work yourself to save money only to find it fails the inspector’s scrutiny and needs to be redone by a pro. You can’t let the spectre of financial setbacks dissuade you from doing what you need to do however, you just need to find more and better ways to keep costs under control.

Ways to Control the Cost of Bathroom Renovation in Toronto

When it comes to bathroom renovation in Toronto keeping costs under control is a matter of being both diligent and innovative. Here are some methods and tips that should help.

  • An affordable way to improve the look of your bathroom is to replace the hardware. That’s faucets, handles, toilet paper holder, cabinet door knobs, towel racks and anything else.
  • If you really want to change the experience of your bathroom for next to nothing simply install a rain shower head. It can be the cheapest bathroom renovation Toronto has to offer.
  • You can change both the floor and wall tiles in an effort to create a new look for your bathroom or you can just install a frameless glass shower enclosure instead.
  • Speaking of tiles; you can spruce up the look of the entire bathroom by thoroughly cleaning, re-caulking and re-grouting all the tiles rather than replacing them.
  • Another inexpensive way to change the ambiance in your bathroom is to install vanity lights or just a few recessed lights on separate dimmers. It will really feel like a whole new space.
  • Instead of selecting the most expensive piece of granite in the countertop showroom for your vanity ask them if they have a remnant lying about from a previous job that they’ll give you a deal on. Because the vanity is typically a small area they may have a piece that will fit.
  • Most bathrooms lean heavily toward the white. If yours is one of those an easy way to change the atmosphere is to simply introduce a darker tone or tones that can break up the visual experience. The paint won’t cost much and will make a fundamental difference.
  • A new custom vanity can be pretty expensive. Many times it’s worth the stretch but sometimes you really need to rein in costs. In that event find someone with experience resurfacing cabinets. They won’t be cheap, but they’ll be less than a new vanity.

Bathroom renovation in Toronto can be a pretty expensive proposition but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re just looking to give your WC a facelift or want to create a fundamentally different experience you can hold onto more of your hard-earned money by following some of the above tips. For more ideas or to discuss a kitchen or bath renovation call Parada Kitchens and Bathrooms today.

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