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Tired Looking Bathroom Vanities: 6 Great Reasons to Replace

bathroom vanities torontoThe bathroom is, in many ways, the most dependable, ironclad sanctuary we have; the place where we can let go of the cares of the world and indulge ourselves. As such it’s vital the bathroom presents a welcoming, relaxing, engaging face and that all amenities are up to date and properly maintained. Like everything else though, even the most comfortable bathroom will begin to show its age with the wear and tear typically manifesting itself first in the vanity, simply because it’s such a central component of the bathroom milieu.

Bathroom Vanities Toronto and the Central Role They Play

People get attached to their bathroom vanities in Toronto the same way they get attached to a particular dresser, the kitchen cabinets or other household furnishings. Because of this they’re often reluctant to replace it. But while familiarity is a powerful force there are a slew of good reasons to thank your old bathroom vanity for its years of service and just move on. Here are 6.

  • Selling the house: This one tops the list for 2 reasons. First, home sales succeed or fail based on the kitchen and bathroom(s). And second, if you’re planning to move any attachment you may have had to the old bathroom is about to be broken anyway so you have nothing to lose.
  • Excessive wear: Bathrooms make rainforests seem like the desert. All the moisture in a busy bathroom takes its toll on the vanity, its frame (which is typically wood) and its surfaces. Wood begins to rot and dangerous molds settle in that can be devilishly difficult to remove.
  • Yesterday’s model: If your guests emerge from the bathroom saying “I used to have a vanity like that in my house when I was a kid!” it may be time to call Parada bathroom vanities Toronto to discuss options.
  • Space: One sure fire way to create space in the bathroom is to reduce the size of the vanity. And, just as installing a smaller vanity is the easiest way to open things up, installing a larger vanity is the best way to accommodate the needs of your growing family.
  • Cost: Replacing bathroom vanities in Toronto is an affordable way to give the impression you’ve done a bathroom makeover. You won’t have to install new tiles or a new shower. Just replace the vanity, hang some wallpaper, change the fixtures and voila! A new bathroom!
  • Acknowledge growth: Often, bathrooms designated for the kids will be built out in a cutesy fashion. If the kids are now teens however, it’s time to think about changing the look of the kid’s bathroom to acknowledge their budding maturity.

If you’ve decided it’s time to rethink your bathroom vanity call Parada Kitchens and Bathrooms today. We’re the premier choice for new bathroom vanities in Toronto and have installed scores in homes large and small, new and old right across the GTA. We’ll create a custom vanity for you that will enhance your home’s livability without costing you a fortune.

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