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A Guide to Kitchen Decor that Complements Modern Kitchen Cabinets Perfectly

Modern Kitchen CabinetsNow is a fantastic time to be renovating your kitchen, with good quality cabinets available in some really amazing styles. However, many Toronto homeowners find it difficult to choose a décor that complements their modern kitchen cabinets perfectly, which is why we decided to collect a few tips from the experts. If you have found a cabinet design that you absolutely love but you are not sure what type of colour scheme and overall décor will work best with it in your kitchen, the following list should give you some food for thought.

Creating the Perfect Setting for Your Modern Kitchen Cabinets

There are a number of areas on which you should focus when putting together a new kitchen design featuring modern cabinets. Below are the most important of these, along with some tips on the best choices for each area.

  1. Appliances – An ultra-modern kitchen, with stylish cabinets and striking countertops, needs modern appliances or the overall effect will be compromised. With something like slab door cabinets, in a dark veneer, stainless steel appliances are an excellent choice. If you stick to stainless and one type of veneer across the whole kitchen, you can create a very sleek and modern design that will look good for many years to come. If you really don’t like stainless steel appliances, plain white could also work well with this type of design.
  2. Countertops – Natural stone is all the rage at the moment but there are certain types that will work better with a modern kitchen than others. Marble, for example, is generally more suited to traditional kitchens but quartz countertops or a polished granite, on the other hand, could be an excellent choice. Think striking contrasts when you are choosing colours for your countertops and you won’t go far wrong. Probably the worst type of surface to pair with very modern kitchen cabinets would be a wooden veneer of a similar colour to the cabinet doors.
  3. Fixtures and Fittings – The faucets, lights and other fittings in your kitchen will need to be carefully chosen if they are to complement your modern kitchen cabinets. Old-fashioned, ornate nickel plated faucets, for instance, would most certainly look out of place in a modern kitchen design. A better choice would be simple, brushed chrome fittings that match the handles on your cabinet doors.
  4. Colour Scheme – There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing colours to go with modern kitchen cabinets but you will obviously need to bear the colour of the cabinets themselves in mind when making your final choice. Generally speaking, bold colours work better than pale, pastel shades, with black and white among the most popular choices.

If you are still not sure what type of décor would go best with modern cabinets, we would be delighted to be of assistance. Please call or email us with your questions and we will answer them as soon as we possibly can.

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