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The Defining Features of Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Toronto modern KitchenDesign trends come and go. Some stay around for a long, long time whilst others are gone before they ever get a chance to catch on. Contemporary or modern designs fall into the former category. In fact, they’ve been around for so long that you’d have to call them a style now as opposed to a trend. You see this style used widely throughout residential properties as well as commercial properties nowadays, but none more so than in kitchen areas, where there’s more “going on” than in other rooms and more chances to add a modern touch. As kitchen remodeling specialists we get asked about features of modern kitchen designs frequently, particularly with regards to kitchen cabinets and so wanted to put together this post to talk about some of the main features of modern kitchen cabinets.

What Can You Expect From Modern Kitchen Cabinets?

We all associate the word modern with “stuff” that looks new, high-tech and futuristic. But what does that actually look like in terms of kitchen cabinets? What could you expect to see if you had modern kitchen cabinets installed tomorrow?

  • Simplicity – You won’t see a lot of design details in a set of modern kitchen cabinets; simplicity is the key word here. As kitchen cabinets occupy a large amount of space in the kitchen, this can help to make the overall design feel very clean and uncomplicated.
  • Bold Colour Choices – More traditional styles of kitchen cabinets tend to utilize more neutral colours such as whites, greys and light browns, but modern kitchen cabinets are often produced in much more striking colours, such as bright reds or yellows. This certainly makes a statement and isn’t for everyone.
  • Mixed Materials – There’s no single material that you associate with modern kitchen cabinets, whereas more traditional cabinets are almost always constructed from a variety of hardwood. Laminate materials, glass and metals such as aluminium all feature heavily in the design of modern kitchen cabinets and it’s not unusual to see more than one material incorporated into a single design.
  • Smooth, Flat Surfaces – There is zero ornamentation on a modern kitchen cabinet and the panels that are used to build the cabinet are typically very smooth and flat. In recent years there has been more variation in terms of shape, with pronounced angles and curved designs being used. Again, these types of designs are very bold and visually striking when you walk into the room.

Why would you want modern kitchen cabinets? As we’ve mentioned, they’re definitely not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a cabinet design that makes the room feel bigger and more open, then this is one option you should explore. The interiors of these cabinets aren’t usually as simplistic as their exteriors and can contain advanced storage systems that help to organize your cooking equipment effectively. For more information on modern kitchen cabinets or to talk about designs with our Toronto based team, contact us today on 416-762-3500.

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