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Selecting a Countertop Material for Your New Bathroom Vanities

bathroom vanities TorontoWhile there are several different parts that make up a bathroom vanity, the countertop is undoubtedly one of the most important. Why? Well, just think about it for a second. On a daily basis the countertop area of bathroom vanities is likely to come into contact with water and moisture, as well as some of the many items that you most probably keep in the bathroom. Sure, cabinet doors will be opened and closed a few times, but they aren’t subjected to the same level of wear and tear as the countertop is. For this reason it’s absolutely vital that you carefully consider the type of countertop material you select when buying new bathroom vanities. During this article we are going to try and help you with this decision by talking you through a few of the most popular options.

Form vs. Function With Bathroom Vanity Countertops

While countertops in the bathroom do have to be able to tolerate frequent use as we’ve just mentioned, the way in which they are treated is by no means as harsh as is typical in the kitchen area, where countertops can be exposed to a range of acidic solutions, food debris and sharp knives. This allows you to lean slightly more towards form when selecting countertops for bathroom vanities and materials that wouldn’t be suitable in a kitchen become a realistic option, such as marble.

Introducing Some of the Most Popular Countertop Materials for Bathroom Vanities

While the decision you ultimately make must fall into line with your own personal tastes and requirements, the following options are extremely popular with the majority of homeowners.

  • Granite – If natural stone is your thing, then granite should definitely be one of the surfaces that you consider. While it’s not cheap, granite boasts a wide range of advantages. Firstly, it’s extremely durable and if well cared for, these countertops should easily last you a lifetime. Secondly, granite countertops are highly resistant to stains, giving you peace of mind just in case you accidentally spill something.
  • Tile – Tiled surfaces have always been popular in the bathroom. They’ve been widely used for floors, on the walls, in showers and to create countertops for bathroom vanities. Modern tiled countertops improve on what was available in years gone by, in that they are available in much larger sizes. This means that not so many tiles need to be used and consequently grout lines (which are difficult to clean) are not so much of an issue. Available in a wide range of styles at a much lower price point than granite.
  • Manufactured Quartz – This is a material that can bring glitz and glamour to your bathroom. It’s classified as a sympathetic composite, made up of 90% quartz particles. It’s a very good choice for bathroom vanities since it hardly requires any maintenance and is very difficult to scratch or stain. Generally comparable in terms of price to granite.

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