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5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends You Don’t Want to Follow

Kitchen Remodeling torontoIf you’ve spent most of 2014 thinking that your kitchen looks a little worse for wear, a kitchen renovation is most probably the next home improvement project on your to-do list. But have you thought about what you want to have changed, what features you’d like to have integrated into the new design and how it’ll all fit together? If you haven’t altered your kitchen for many years, it’s quite possible that the kitchen you would like looks nothing like what you currently have, as circumstances can change greatly in a few short years. Perhaps you had four screaming kids to deal with last time you had your kitchen done, but now your house is somewhat less empty, or perhaps your mobility is not what it used to be. Whatever your situation is, looking at the latest kitchen remodeling trends is often a good way to get inspiration for your own project, but there are certain things that you don’t want to do. During this article we’re going to discuss a few kitchen remodeling trends that you don’t want to follow.

Horrific Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes That Many Make

As we’ve already mentioned, you probably don’t have the money to make big changes to your kitchen very often (who does?!), so when you do make changes, you want to make sure you get them right! Avoiding the following trends is a must:

    • Cabinets That Don’t Reach the Ceiling – You should make sure this is not allowed to happen when your new kitchen is designed. Not only does it leave ugly gaps in the design, breaking up your kitchen’s appearance (and not in a good way), but those gaps become a haven for dust and need constant cleaning.
    • Appliance Garages – If you insist on storing your appliances out of view, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, use alternative solutions before having appliance “garages” fitted on your countertops. Firstly, these things are seriously ugly, but most important of all, they take up a lot of valuable counter space that could be better utilized.
    • Stove on a Central Island – Having a central island integrated into your kitchen’s design is a good thing; they are very practical and often free up tons of space. But what isn’t such a good idea, is installing a stove on that central island. You might think “but it’d free up so much space on my counters,” but have you considered how costly (and impractical) it is to get the range hood properly positioned? You will probably have to reroute gas pipes and if you plan to use the island as a breakfast bar, having the stove right next to this area isn’t very safe if you have kids at home.
    • Overindulging On Appliances – It’s very easy to seriously overspend by buying appliances that you simply don’t need. For example, do you really need a six-top stove or a huge fridge-freezer if there’s only two of you living at the property. Buy what you’re likely to need on a day to day basis rather than what you might need once in a blue moon and your kitchen remodeling cost will be a lot more affordable.

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