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Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wood for Your New Custom Cabinets

kitchens custom TorontoWhen purchasing new cabinets obviously one of the most important decisions that you have to make is what material they will be made from. If you have decided to invest in custom cabinets there is now a diverse range of materials available, but one of the more traditional materials is often still preferred – wood. Whether the cabinets are constructed from solid natural hardwoods (which we would highly recommend) or they utilise wood veneers, there are still many different options within this subcategory, which can vary significantly in terms of appearance. Having been involved in the kitchen remodeling industry for many years, we’ve helped to design and install kitchen cabinets made from a wide variety of natural hardwoods and during this post we’re going to reveal a few of our favourites.

The Best Varieties of Wood for Custom Cabinets

Natural hardwoods are both beautiful and elegant and they are materials that provide a skilled cabinet maker with almost unlimited design possibilities. The other thing about natural woods is that no two pieces of wood are the same, ensuring your custom cabinets are as unique as your own tastes and preferences are. Here are a few of our favourites:

    • Cherry – The shade of cherry can vary significantly from a light tan blonde to a rich brown colour. One of the other things that we like about cherry is that as it ages, its colour deepens and adds more character to your custom cabinets. Whilst a very traditional material, cherry complements more modern materials such as glass and aluminum perfectly well.
    • Maple – If you want character, maple is a great choice and can be styled and finished in a variety of ways. Its grain pattern is relatively smooth and is more uniform than with other types of wood. Due to its clean appearance, maple is often chosen by homeowners implementing a contemporary design in their kitchen.
    • Hickory – Uniform appearance not your thing? Then hickory may be the answer. In addition to being available in a variety of different colours, the grain patterns are often highly irregular and it’s common for the wood to feature pinholes, knots, burls and colour streaks.
    • Red & White Oak – Kitchen cabinets have to be made from a material that is strong and reliable due to the frequency with which they are used. That’s what makes oak such a great contender as one of the stronger woods available. There is a massive variation in terms of colour with oak and you can get anything from rustic looking oak that possesses an intense colour to an oak that is very nearly white.
    • Pine – We love working with pine since it is incredibly easy to shape and manipulate and also takes to stain very, very well. The white and yellow varieties of pine are often selected by homeowners for their ability to create a really rustic vibe in the kitchen.

It can be hard to make a choice and stick with it when buying custom cabinets, which is why we’re here. You can call our Toronto office anytime you need for help and advice relating to kitchen renovations or bathroom remodeling projects.

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