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Why Working With an Experienced Kitchen Designer is About More than Convenience

Kitchen renovationPlanning and making sure all of the small design details are taken care of. Those tasks are precisely why you hire a kitchen designer when investing in kitchen remodeling, right? Well, a kitchen designer isn’t just a good investment because they save you time and save you from doing all of the “boring stuff” yourself, there are many other benefits to working with one of these professionals that homeowners often don’t consider before hiring them. We’re going to talk about a few of the ways in which they add value in this article.

Working With a Kitchen Designer: Adding Value in Countless Ways

There’s no disputing the fact that on the face of it hiring a kitchen designer is an added cost, but the skills, knowledge and experience that they bring can often reduce your spend in other areas and add value to the project which would otherwise not have been achieved. Specifically, here are some more reasons why working with a kitchen designer is a smart move.

  • Knowledge of Materials – You might not have much of a clue about how certain types of wood react to certain environments or how stain resistant a particular countertop surface is, but any good kitchen designer will. They will be able to make educated suggestions about the materials you should used based on your specific circumstances. This ensures better aesthetics, better performance and, most importantly, increased durability.
  • Optimised Layouts – There’s more to kitchen renovations than installing some kitchen cabinets in the room in any other order and banging on some countertops; it you want the design to really “work” it’s imperative that you get the layout of the room right too. A kitchen designer will keep tweaking the layout until you’re happy that it is a good fit for you. We’re not all the same, so don’t rely on a generic floor plan being sufficient.
  • Knowledge of Building Regulations – Some people that don’t hire a kitchen designer make the mistake of installing features during kitchen renovations that don’t meet local building codes or forget to arrange the required inspections. This is a mistake that often comes back to bite them financially when they have to remove said features and have them reinstalled at their own cost. You’re not an expert, so why don’t you entrust the job to someone who is?!
  • What You Want, Within Your Budget – The average homeowner overspends almost every time when having a kitchen renovation. Why? Because they don’t know how to get the best bang for their buck. A skilled kitchen designer will help you to cut costs without cutting any corners, ensuring you get the kitchen of your dreams without having to take out a second mortgage.

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