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Top Kitchen Design Features that Represent Real Value for Money

Kitchen Design TorontoWe live in exciting times for kitchen designers and customers. There are more exciting and affordable options than ever before. Whatever your vision is, you can make it happen. On the other hand, it is easy to get caught up in the endless wash of options as well as to lose sight of what is affordable.

The kitchen is the most important room in the house, so it’s important to get it right. These three words tell the story of kitchen design: functionality, aesthetics, and affordability. We’ll give you an overview on how you can design your kitchen to have all three of these crucial features.

How to Create an Affordable Kitchen Design Without Sacrificing Functionality and Aesthetics

We’ve highlighted some of the commonly available features that can give you a fantastic kitchen while still fitting inside your budget. Take a close look at the following ways to improve your kitchen:

  • Seek Quality Cabinets—If you can afford custom cabinets, go for them. If not, don’t despair as it isn’t difficult to find quality manufactured cabinets these days. Just make sure to do your homework and check that the designer you go with uses top-quality materials for the box, face and hardware, as well as making sure you hire highly qualified installers. It’s well worth the investment in the long-run.
  • Have Sliders Installed—These days it’s affordable and much more convenient to have sliding drawers and cabinet doors installed. This way you can close a door with a slight nudge rather than a push, and over time it will prevent wear-and-tear. That makes your kitchen more durable, increasing the time in-between remodeling jobs and saving you money!
  • Go Granite—Skimping on countertops is never a good idea, as a low-cost low-quality option will degrade sooner rather than later and leave you in need of another costly kitchen remodeling job. We recommend you go for granite or quartz countertops; both are gorgeous and highly-durable while surprisingly affordable. If you have a larger budget, then marble is a luxurious option popular with most kitchen designers.
  • Affordable Flooring Options—It’s important for any kitchen design to include flooring that is durable, slip-resistant and easy on the eyes. Some options to consider are vinyl, ceramic and wood. If you have the budget to go with a more high-end design, ceramic tile looks great and is stain and chip resistant. Solid wood floors look gorgeous but are not the most durable, and in our view don’t provide great value for money. Vinyl is a less-expensive, stain-resistant and more long-lasting option that can closely imitate the look of real wood. All-in-all, it provides the best bang for your buck.
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