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Factors to Consider When Picking Bathroom Vanities for Your Home

bathroom vanities torontoBathroom vanities are typically one of the central features in any bathroom design and are usually something that’s either changed or updated during the course of a bathroom renovation. However, the impact it has upon the overall look and feel of your bathroom is not purely aesthetic; it has a number of practical responsibilities too and can have a significant effect on the overall level of organization in the bathroom on a day to day basis. The average homeowner can be left feeling more than a little lost when browsing through the seemingly endless array of bathroom vanities that can now be bought and installed in any home, and many don’t even know where they should start their search. Luckily for you, our bathroom renovation team has installed hundreds of bathroom vanities in homes across Toronto over the last few years and we always make our clients aware of the considerations that we’re going to point out to you below.

Shopping for Bathroom Vanities: Here’s What You Need to Know

Shopping for bathroom vanities is like shopping for any other product in that you need to find one that meets your needs and personal preferences, while getting what you perceive to be good value for money. To help you achieve this, we’d recommend you think about the following before you commence your search:

  • Shape & Size – One of the first things you need to look at is the overall size of your bathroom and the shape of it, as this will immediately narrow down your options (don’t worry, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!). If you are lucky enough to have a large, open bathroom then you will have much more choice available to you, but sometimes that can make it harder to come to a firm decision. In smaller bathroom, we often recommend rearranging the layout and incorporating a corner vanity to free up more space in the central area of the room. Before you start contacting bathroom renovation companies or going out to showrooms and looking at bathroom vanities, make sure you take precise measurements.
  • Freestanding or Wall-Hung? – The two main types of bathroom vanities that exist are freestanding units and the models that attach directly onto the wall. This again is a decision that will be heavily influenced by the size of your bathroom. Hanging bathroom vanities are often the better choice in smaller spaces as they occupy less room, while freestanding units generally offer more storage space, which can be important if several people live at your home.
  • Style – You obviously can’t just opt for any old style; you have to select a bathroom vanity that blends in with the rest of your bathroom’s decor. We all have different tastes so this is something that will generally be decided by your own personal preferences, but whether you’re looking for a modern design or a more traditional look and feel there’re something for everyone.
  • Material – This is something that many homeowners often overlook initially but owing to the fact that it can have a big impact upon how long the vanity ultimately lasts (the material it’s made from must be able to tolerate frequent exposure to damp conditions) it’s one of the more important factors to consider. The three main choices are solid woods, veneer or laminates. Solid woods are extremely popular, with oak being a common choice, but you do have to be aware that bathroom vanities made from wood will require more maintenance. Veneer bathroom vanities have a wood style finish but are significantly cheaper, while laminate bathroom vanities are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance.

As an important feature of any bathroom it’s important to “get it right” when selecting a new vanity.

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