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Cost Cutting Tips that Can Lower the Price of Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation TorontoSome people are of the opinion that unless you spend a fortune it’s not possible to remodel your bathroom. However, that’s simply not the case and with the proper planning and by prioritizing your needs, you can achieve a bathroom renovation you will be proud of on a limited budget. Funnily enough, cost is one of the main reasons we would recommend you seriously consider working with a bathroom renovation expert in Toronto, as inexperienced DIYers often waste hundreds of dollars on things that they don’t need or make mistakes that end up costing a small fortune to put right. Whether you are just interested in bathroom vanities or you would like a complete redesign, bathroom renovation experts can help you achieve your goals without spending more than you want to. During this article we’re going to talk you through some of the top cost-cutting tips that we provide our Toronto based clients with on a regular basis.

How You Can Cut the Cost of Your Bathroom Renovation

The quality and value of a home is often judged on by the standard of its bathrooms and due to it being one of the most used spaces in the average household (let’s face it, you couldn’t live without one), you need to ensure that you are satisfied with its condition and design. Here’s a few tips to help you achieve that without breaking the bank.

  • Set a Budget – This might sound like one of the most obvious pieces of advice that you could receive, but believe us, it’s one of the most effective. One of the biggest reasons that homeowners spend more on a bathroom renovation that they really should is because they simply don’t come up with a solid budget before they start buying materials left, right and centre. You need to break this budget down to what you want to spend on each element of the renovation too, otherwise it’s very easy to blow 70 percent of your overall budget on a single part and have very little left for the rest of the project.
  • Make a List of Priorities – Before you start contacting bathroom renovation companies or you start going to showrooms and looking at specifics, take some time to write down a list of all the features that you would like to have in your “new” bathroom and then list them in order of priority. If you are on a very limited budget, you might not be able to have many of these items, so it’s important that you do get the ones that are going to be most valuable to you. Sometimes this choice will be fairly easy to make, as if something is broken (leaking toilet or shower) it will obviously need replacing, while if you are only making changes that affect the aesthetics of your bathroom it can be more difficult to choose.
  • Leave Main Features Alone- This might not always be possible (as just mentioned, if something is broken it needs fixing), but try to avoid replacing items like sinks, toilets or bathtubs just for the sake of it as these are the most expensive items to buy and can seriously bump up the price of your bathroom renovation. If your bathtub is heavily scratched, before you commit to having it replaced, look into having it resurfaced instead as this often works out to be much more cost effective.
  • Don’t Move the Plumbing – Just as we wouldn’t recommend replacing the main features of your bathroom, we also wouldn’t recommend you make any changes that require your plumbing to be moved. Even moving a toilet or a sink just a metre or two can add hundreds or sometimes even thousands to the total cost of your bathroom renovation. Look to use your existing layout if possible, adding features that make it even more functional.

Bathroom remodeling can be expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. To speak to people who do know what they’re doing about your bathroom renovation.

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