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Advantages of Custom Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovationsThere’s a strong argument that can be put forward for any room when it comes to remodeling, but the number of reasons when it comes to the bathroom area perhaps top all others. If you are considering making a home improvement in 2014, a bathroom renovation should perhaps be the first thing you should consider, with the potential to increase your home’s value and make it more attractive to potential buyers, in addition to improving performance and maximizing the amount of available space. However, do you simply go down to your local big box store and get an independent plumber to install the fittings and fixtures you select, or should you buy into the many benefits that Bathroom Renovations offer? To be able to answer that question, you first have to be aware of those advantages…

Why Bathroom Renovations are Superior to Generic Solutions

You might not have ever thought about it before and you certainly won’t have timed it to check whether the following statement is correct, but…the bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most heavily used rooms in the average household. That fact alone makes it worthy of a more significant investment than other areas of the home, and here are a few reasons why Bathroom Renovations are worth the money:

  • The Perfect Design – If you’re someone that has a clear vision of how you would like your bathroom space to look, then Bathroom Renovations are the ideal choice, since the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Whether you want granite, marble or quartz countertops, Bathroom Renovations make that possible. You pick the design of your bathroom rather than letting it pick you!
  • Efficient Use of Space – While they are one of the busiest rooms in the average household, they are also typically the smallest, which makes it vitally important to utilize every bit of space available. Bathroom Renovations make use of every square inch and leave very little, if any, “dead space.”
  • One of a Kind – Fed up of spotting the same home improvements done at several properties throughout your neighbourhood? Bathroom Renovations offer you the chance to differentiate yourself and really put your own stamp on the property. A custom design will allow you to choose colours, shapes and sizes that you like.
  • Cater for Specific Needs – Everyone is different, isn’t that what they say? When it comes to the layout and features that are found in a bathroom, it’s the fact that everyone is different that results in our clients all having different needs and preferences. Bathroom Renovations allow you to incorporate those needs and preferences into the design, i.e. if there’s a person in the house that struggles with their mobility, specific features could be added to make their life easier when using the toilet or the bath. Another good example comes in the form of people that have children; they are often worried about the safety of their children, but custom bathroom designs enable you to almost eliminate this issue altogether.
  • Higher Quality Materials – Whenever you buy something, you want to know approximately how long it is going to last, right?! We can tell you with absolute assurance that Bathroom Renovations will always outlast more generic fixtures and fittings. Why? It’s simple really, the way in which they are constructed and the materials that are used to construct them are of much higher quality, able to resist the stresses put on them by daily use much better than “regular” fittings.

Studies show that we spend close to a year and a half inside the bathroom at home over the course of an average lifetime. The first time we read that statistic it really hit home how important it is to have a bathroom that fulfils all of our needs and looks great, as spending all that time staring at something old and beat up would be depressing!
At PARADA Kitchens & Baths we pride ourselves on how thorough we are when working on a home renovation and always come out to your location to carry out an on-site assessment of the space you would like renovating, in addition to listening to your ideas and providing you with some expert advice.

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