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Kitchen RenovationsOne of the toughest decisions a homeowner can make — either alone, as a couple, or even based on family input — is about kitchen renovations, and what features to include or leave out. At Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms, we have been one of the top design and remodelling houses in the Greater Toronto Area and can help you bring your new kitchen and bath dreams to life — on time, and within budget.
Nearly all design specialists will tell you the same thing when it comes to kitchen renovations. The biggest struggle is Form versus Function, but what most homeowners fail to see is that the end result should be a compromise between the two. In fact, when working with our team of expert designers, the line between the two is so miniscule that most customers tell us afterward, “Wow! We really did get everything we wanted!”
As part of our free in-home consultation, we not only show homeowners what is possible in terms of sample designs, appliances, cabinetry, and other features of their new kitchen, but also discuss key elements to consider before remodelling starts.

Kitchen Renovations and Form Versus Function

This is the “biggie” for all kitchen renovations, but it is a battle that usually ends in a draw once the homeowner understands what the kitchen will be used for and the overall value it brings to the home. Remodelling your kitchen adds more than re-sale value, it also results in a centralized hub for many different activities — casual meals, meal preparation, a place for the kids to do their homework, or just someplace to chat while enjoying a cool beverage with loved ones. Once you know what the kitchen will be used for, we design around those principles and the “form” begins to take shape.
Kitchen renovations can assume many shapes or forms. When talking about form, we are really helping the homeowner uncover design preferences (cabinetry, flooring, countertops) and demonstrate how each element is integrated into the overall function, which leads to the next consideration.

“Service” Zones

These are elements within your kitchen that can be moved around like puzzle pieces while others remain fixed for structural or other reasons. Service Zones that cannot be moved easily include sinks and range hoods, while other elements can be shuffled like chess pieces, such as appliances, furniture, and some cabinetry.
A favourite service zone that customers request is the ubiquitous kitchen island, but our question is always the same: Do you really need it? Unless you have a large kitchen to begin with, an island may be a waste of valuable space. Its chief function, additional counter and food preparation space, can be cleverly duplicated with the little-used back corner areas on countertops, or even in an existing walk-in pantry.

“Custom” Does Not Mean Over Priced

Many kitchen renovations grind to a halt before going anywhere because misperceptions that “custom” means inflated prices. Custom designed and solid wood cabinetry may have a higher initial cost, but the expense is normally recouped by lower maintenance needs and longer durability compared to cabinets made from lesser materials. If you expect your kitchen to be more than a “show” piece, we highly recommend discussing the benefits of solid wood versus cabinets made with particle board or other materials.
Whatever your desires or means, the professionals at Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms have the experience and expertise necessary to bring your dreams to fruition. From a new custom kitchen to a minor “refresh,” the only limitation is your imagination.

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