Wooden Kitchens

A kitchen is the heart of any home. A place of warmth and comfort where you or your family start the day before heading off to work or school or weekend errands or summer vacation.

From casual dining to family gatherings to table space reserved for paying bills or helping the kids with their school work, the kitchen is the one room that homeowners dream of renovating before all others. While many homeowners have embraced newer trends in home design — such as bold colours or metallic cabinetry and accessories — nothing evokes a sense of belonging quite like an expertly designed and installed wooden kitchen.

At Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms, we are the premier home improvement specialist in the Greater Toronto Area and have hundreds of satisfied clients who have chosen our company thanks to innovative designs, affordability, and outstanding customer service. Trends in kitchen decor come and go, but qualities that stand the test of time — a solid wooden kitchen with appliances and accessories to match — never falls out of favor.

Benefits of a Wooden Kitchen

  • Timeless style. Natural wood texture adds a unique yet contemporary look to many kitchen furniture pieces, including islands, corner cabinets, and tables — all without having to further accessorize existing components.
  • A sense of durability. A large, solid wood dining table is the center piece of many a wooden kitchen and will last for decades with minimal upkeep. From light Oak to Cherry or Mahogany, a wide range of wood species are available that add beauty and warmth to any kitchen.
  • If your project includes a wooden kitchen, high quality wood cabinetry is a must-have. Thanks to durability, wood cabinets are an ideal storage medium in a busy kitchen because they can withstand daily use and will last for years. At Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms, we can design cabinets of any dimension or purpose, whether you need a floor-to-ceiling pantry with slide-out drawers or vertical space to store cookie sheets. There is no limitation to the design and functionality of wood cabinets.
  • A range of designs and styles. Perhaps the greatest benefit of a wooden kitchen is there are no limits on the design or styles that can be implemented. Unlike plastic or laminate, wooden kitchen furniture easily blends in with contemporary tastes, including stainless steel appliances, natural stone flooring, and the latest in energy-saving light fixtures and table top gadgets like toasters or coffee makers. The natural beauty of wood furniture can be brought out with different finishes and paints, including bold colours like reds, yellows, or different shades of blue.
  • High quality. For wooden kitchen furniture and accessories that will last, we always recommend customers choose solid wood and the best quality hardware like drawer glides and handles that their budget can afford. Lesser grade materials such as particle board or laminates will degrade over time and are difficult and costly to repair.

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