Kitchen Cupboards

A kitchen renovation can be expensive and time consuming, and should never be undertaken without careful consideration of goals and budget. Many homeowners jump into a remodeling project and end up with something that may be functional, but is also a case study of mismatched styles, appliances that are too large for the kitchen, flooring that is inappropriate based on foot traffic, or kitchen cupboards ill-suited to a family’s everyday needs.

At Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms, we have built our company and reputation by providing customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area with cutting edge designs and innovative, yet affordable solutions to meet all of their kitchen remodeling needs. Our highly trained designers use the latest CAD design software to help you visualize what your kitchen can become with vibrant layouts that include kitchen cupboards, flooring, appliances, lighting, and other decor elements.

We follow a multi-step process to make sure every customer gets the best kitchen cupboards for their money. Part of what has made us successful over the years is educating clients on possibilities that meet their needs, rather than imposing our will on the project. Keep in mind the following before the project begins.

Keep the Design in Harmony with the Rest of Your House

There is more to a successful renovation than new kitchen cupboards, flooring, or appliances. At Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms, we help homeowners evaluate their existing kitchen layout and how it flows with the rest of the house. Different styles in every room of the house are not as attractive as glossy home improvement magazines would lead you to believe. It is critical that a new kitchen fit into the scale of the existing home, and take cues from common design elements, such as paint colours, trim around doors and windows, and lighting.

Define Now, Build Later

A key step that many homeowners, and even some contractors, overlook is defining the project. This means assessing priorities, determining how areas of the kitchen will be affected, how to optimize the desired goals around your existing budget. At this stage, we walk the homeowner through a number of questions to get them in the right frame of mind, such as: Are you expecting any family changes in the future, such as an in-law moving in or having children? How often do you expect the kitchen to be used? Are there accessibility needs to be aware of, such as a family member in a wheelchair or who has other mobility issues?

Set Goals and Budget

If you are a couple without children who eats out most of the time, then a large stand alone double oven, or even a built-in unit, is probably more than you need, so plan accordingly. The same goes for the size table you purchase, as well as kitchen cupboards and appliances.
Finally, we recommend that customer’s establish a budget early in the process, and stick with it based on their unique goals and needs as this is where many renovations can go astray.

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